Saturday, 7 May 2011

Don't Read This Book Just Before You Go To Sleep!

S.J. Watson's Before I Go to Sleep is a cerebral thriller, the sort that compels you to keep reading to see how the author will handle his topic, as much as for how the story will unfold.

Christine wakes up, in a strange room next to a strange man, with no memory of how she got there. In the bathroom she sees photographs of him, labelled as her husband - and also sees that she has aged. Every day of her life she wakes up and she doesn’t know where she is, what has happened or who she’s with, and her husband has to remind her all over again. But when she finds that she is leaving secret notes for herself, and is keeping a journal hidden from him, the flashes of dreams and impressions she experiences throughout the day start to coalesce into a vivid and horrifying uncertainty even worse than her persistent amnesia.

At times quite creepy - especially as you start to understand what is probably happening before the character does - the suspense and cleverness of the narration make for a great read! Lindy

Click here to read what inspired S.J. Watson to write Before I Go to Sleep.

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Bonnie said...

This sounds sinister! Definitely going on my to read list.

It also reminds me of a couple of other books - False Memory by Dean Koontz and another one about Alzheimer's that I can't remember the title of.