Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Sky So Heavy by Claire Zorn ~ Abbey's Bookseller Pick

The Sky So Heavy by Claire Zorn at Abbey's Bookshop 131 York Street, Sydney

ABBEY'S BOOKSELLER PICK ----- Fin is your typical teenage boy, growing up in the lower Blue Mountains, getting through school, mucking around with his friends, trying to impress the girl of his dreams. But one day nuclear bombs are detonated in the northern hemisphere, and not only are whole countries obliterated, but the climate changes literally overnight. A bitterly cold winter has set in. With his mother in Sydney, his father gone off to appease his second wife the night before the bombs and not returned, and a younger brother to look after, Fin suddenly has to grow up. Supplies run out, water is contaminated, and society reverts to each for themselves.

A cracking, page-turning novel for readers 13 and up, in the style of John Marsden’s Tomorrow series.

~ Lindy Jones (ABA Text Publishing Bookseller of the Year 2011)

The Sky So Heavy
Claire Zorn

Buy this book at Abbey's (131 York Street Sydney) ~ An Aladdin's cave for readers

Abbey's ~ An Aladdin's cave for readers

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