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Notes from Eve Abbey • June 2019

 We're 50!

I have just read and thoroughly enjoyed the third book by Carrie Tiffany who is a most original Australian writer. This latest one is called Exploded View, by which is meant the sort of diagrams you might find in a car manual. It all ties in.

The story is told in the voice of an adolescent girl who has not spoken for many weeks. Most of the time the family is securely placed in a car on a long drive, perhaps to Perth. The narrator is very imaginative and makes many observant and amusing remarks in her head but there is an atmosphere of fear. Something bad is happening and bit by bit it becomes clear.

Exploded View by Carrie Tiffany

I recommend all three of her books which also include Mateship with Birds (which was the winner of the first Stella Prize in 2013 and also shortlisted for the Miles Franklin Literary Award in the same year) and Everyman’s Rules for Scientific Living, her debut which also took out a slew of awards and shortlistings.

Carrie Tiffany recently appeared at the 2019 Sydney Writers’ Festival and I made sure I got a ticket for that session.

Mateship with Birds by Carrie Tiffany

Everyman's Rules for Scientific Living by Carrie Tiffany

I’ve also had a good time reading an exciting thriller written by Catherine Steadman called Something in the Water. It begins with the narrator digging a grave for her husband in the Norfolk Woods. How did this come about? Short sharp sentences. All very exciting. The author is also an actress who appeared in Downton Abbey, as Mabel Lane Fox (I think she was a rival to Lady Mary in the marriage stakes in the later episodes).

Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman

I’ve already reminded you in my previous post, that on Abbey’s Home Page there are separate squares for you to check the stock we have here for Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press. Other very useful boxes are the box directing you to Penguin Black Classics and Popular Penguins. You can choose to browse through the 'in stock' titles or to look at the entire wonderful range. We can, of course, order any title for you for prompt delivery.

Happy reading, Eve

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