Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Greg reports from the Leading Edge Books Christmas Roadshow

Having just gotten back from the Leading Edge Christmas Roadshow, where publishers and distributors present the pick of their Christmas season titles to independent booksellers, I can confidently say that there are lots of titles to be excited about this Christmas.

For all those Twilight fans out there there’s a book coming called Twilight and Philosophy (no it’s not meant to be a oxymoron), new novels by John Bainville and Nick Hornby. Peter Temple’s sequel to the Broken Shore called Truth; a new Peter Carey called Parrot and Oliver in America (lets hope its better than the last one) and Dave Eggers' adult version of Where The Wild Things Are simply titled The Wild Things.

Thomas Pynchon has written a detective noir novel Inherent Vice, James Ellory is back and so is Inspector Wexford. As for non-fiction there’s the French equivalent of Silver Spoon called I Know How To Cook; the diaries of Sofia Tolstoy and a new Don Watson looking at the language of modern management, plus there is a beautiful book by Carl Jung never before published called The Red Book. Edmund Campon has put pen to paper to record his thoughts and reflections; David Thompson’s Thai Food has always been a bestseller this time he goes in search of Thailand’s street markets and stalls in a book called Thai Street Food, plus there's a new Clive James - I could go on, but you’ll just have to wait for our Catalogue in November. Greg

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