Sunday, 24 August 2008

The Naked Husband

If you’ve ever been in love, been hurt in love, or been tempted in, or out of love, this book is for you. Every woman will be touched by Mark D’Arbanville’s candidness, sensuality and romantic side and every man should take a leaf out of his book, as it were. Written under the label of 'fiction', one cannot help but think this is an autobiographical account. D’Arbanville’s writing gives his characters feelings, a soul and a life of their own. Mark delves into the human state and touches the deep-seeded roots of our sexual psyche. The Naked Husband is also stomach-achingly humorous. It is funny because it is true. But the truth, as the old adage goes, hurts; this book is certainly painfully true. Utterly 'unputdownable' (I ripped through this one in a few short hours of one night) and highly recommended to everyone. The Naked Husband, both the man and the work, will make you laugh out loud, shed a tear or two and probably make you fall in love with Mark D’Arbanville yourself. Bree

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