Sunday, 30 March 2008

An Excellent Primer on Cosmology

This blog is good news for some of us part-time booksellers as we don't always get the latest blockbuster before they are released. So any comments we make are after the event and that is what I shall do here as some books are worth more than a pre-publish hagiograph and those that aren't will never be missed (refer here to Gilbert & Sullivan). Anyway,
I have just finished an excellent tome on Cosmology called The State of the Universe by Pedro Ferreira. I have read - or to be more accurate tried to read, some of his articles published a few years ago but I couldn't follow them as his use of grammar was very esoteric . So I was intrigued when I saw this tome on our shelves, thinking it would be as impenetrable as his previous works. What a surprise! It's very well written and lucid (maybe he has got a good editor). Also, he takes the reader in a step by stairs approach in the unfolding of Cosmological Theory, providing a non-esoteric working out of most of the important laws of the physical Universe from the Babylonians to Quantum Entanglement. When we arrive at the later stages of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, Ferreira is careful in denoting what has been proven and that what is theoretical.
The real reason why I am trumpeting this work is that I now have a much clearer understanding of Keplers Elipses & the laws that pertain therewith.........Christopher

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